about the project

RESETageing project aims at enhancing the scientific and innovation competences of University of Coimbra (UC), Portugal, a low-performing partner, in the area of biology of ageing and age-related cardiovascular diseases, with three high-performing partners, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UNEW), United Kingdom, Leibniz Institute of Ageing(LIA), Germany, and the University of Maastricht (UM), The Netherlands.

To accomplish this goal, the project is divided in 6 work packages (WPs) that will: (i) stimulate research excellence in the ageing and age-related cardiovascular diseases at UC research groups, through the establishment of a collaborative network with the Twinning institutions, (ii) train and give institutional exposure of UC researchers in the area of ageing mechanisms and new tools in age-related diseases (omics, system biology and animal models), and (iii) build an innovation and entrepreneurship environment at UC by nurturing an entrepreneurial and risk-taking spirit among UC students and researchers.



To increase quality and quantity of research outputs in ageing-related research from UC as measured by:

  • An increase in the number of publications in high ranking scientific journals (to produce at least 3 collaborative research papers in top 5-10% journals of the area);
  • The number of publications with at least 10 citations per year (at least 3 collaborative research papers are expected to be cited more than 10 times per year);
  • An increase in successful national and international grant applications (RESETageing expects to contribute to collaborative projects securing at least 0.2 M€ per year to UC).

To increase impact of ageing-related research as measured by:

  • The number of patents, models and IP-protected products or services (at least 2 IP-protected products);
  • Recommendations on science and ageing policy to the regional consortium Ageing@Coimbra;
  • Media commentaries and public presentations (production of at least 3 awareness events).

To increase teaching and training quality in ageing as measured by:

  • Enhanced internationalization due to seminar programs, Advanced Courses in PhD programs, and Training Schools and active participation in international conferences (involvement of at least 200 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows);
  • Improved postgraduate training by visits between partner laboratories and co-supervision of PhD thesis (involvement of 50-70 PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and permanent staff).

To build an innovation and entrepreneurship environment in the area of ageing at UC as measured by:

  • The number of Go to Market plans with technologies created at UC in the area of ageing (3 plans are targeted).


WP1 Coordination and Management of the project33%
WP2 Communication and Dissemination40%
WP3 Stimulating research excellence among research groups33%
WP4 Training, mentoring and international exposure of UC researchers20%
WP5 Innovation and entrepreneurship5%
WP6 Sustainability beyond the project5%
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