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UC encompasses several research groups working on age- related diseases and advanced therapies. The coordinator of UC in RESETageing is Dr. Lino Ferreira. He is Coordinator Investigator at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra. Dr. Lino Ferreira has made important contributions in stem cell biology including the use of iPSCs and biomaterials to create in vitro tissue models including cardiac tissue, blood vessel on a chip, blood brain barrier, among others. He has done also contributions in the development of cell chips to study ageing biology associated to an accelerated ageing disease called Hutchinson Progeria Syndrome.


UC will be further represented in RESETageing by researchers that have interests in age-related diseases such as Dr. Maria João Vidigal who is cardiologist at the University Hospital of Coimbra and investigates cardiac ageing; Dr. Henrique Girão who studies cell-cell communication by extracellular vesicles in heart; Dr. Cristina Rego who investigates the role of mitochondria in ageing; Dr. João Malva and Dr. Rosa Fernandes who have interests in the area of ageing but their contributions in the project will communication/dissemination programs.

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